Sacandaga Outdoor Kitchen

The large curved, outdoor Kitchen, with spectacular views of Lake Sacandaga, was set into a stone base and covered with a steel and timber radius roof. This very ambitious and challenging timber frame came together perfectly.

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Bank of Greene County

Catskill-inspired architecture appropriate to its proposed setting, just outside an historic resort village on the “Mountain Top”. All natural materials were used for the exterior, including fieldstone, cedar shingles, locally milled trim, and recycled Douglas fir for a true hammerbeam timber frame at the main public spaces. The Banking Room is lit by indirect uplight [...]

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Craftsman Style Renovation

The owners admire the work of Greene and Greene. A Breakfast Room, Master Bath, Sitting Bay, and a thorough interior reinterpretation throughout the main spaces in the style of the early 20th Century California architects. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when [...]

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Hudson River House

The 150 year old Victorian farm house was perfectly sited atop a great lawn, with the view down to the river framed on both sides by woods. All interior and exterior walls were removed along with some unfortunate 1960’s era additions, preserving only the strong, beautifully detailed and original roof of the main house. [...]

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Saratoga Lake House

The gambrel roof was a favorite of the late nineteenth century “Shingle Style,” especially on the New England coast. Cherry paneling was employed throughout most of the First Floor of this new home, along with timber and stone detailing. Spectacular views of Saratoga Lake are obtained from the Breakfast “Lighthouse,” the coffered ceilinged Family Room [...]

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