Master Wing Addition

A large addition to a vintage Cape Code, set on a large, private lot, around a circular driveway.  So as to not overwhelm the original home, the addition is linked by a connecting portico at an angle to hug the circular driveway, leaving room for the client’s beloved vegetable gardens and a Pergola. [...]

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Vintage Colonial

New Side Entrance Porch, Mudroom and Kitchen expansion for a Classic and pristinely preserved early 20th Century Vintage Colonial, including a new Pergola, retaining wall and bluestone Terrace.

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Saratoga Springs Home

A choice lot within walking distance of most of the great amenities of downtown Saratoga Springs. The client is a builder and this brand-new historicist residence pays homage to the kind of hand-crafted detail that makes Saratoga unique.

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Tudor Revival

This classic 1920’s Tudor Revival was a bunker of constricting 18” thick masonry walls. Removing a stair and wall opened up the dark 10’ x 10’ Kitchen to a small but bright Breakfast Addition. The Kitchen was gutted and re-imagined as a period design.

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Carriage House

A complex project with garage entrances on two levels and living areas carefully fitted into hip roofs to maximize the volume for living spaces, without creating the appearance of a massive structure. The main building is set into the natural grades at several levels with stone retaining walls. A later addition is expressed as a [...]

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Craftsman Style Renovation

The owners admire the work of Greene and Greene. A Breakfast Room, Master Bath, Sitting Bay, and a thorough interior reinterpretation throughout the main spaces in the style of the early 20th Century California architects. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when [...]

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Golf Course

The available frontage was limited but this new home stretches back along a wide gallery to take advantage of the extensive fairway views to the south side. A central breakfast / kitchen “pavilion” and courtyard frames the view. The first floor ceilings are over ten feet in height, allowing for generous transom windows and [...]

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