New Century Construction Office Building

The offices are for clients who own two construction companies, one builds high-end homes, and the other builds and repairs highway bridges. The scale and angle of the timber-framed entrance and foyer gesture toward the homes of the neighboring residential zone, the brick is in the industrial context of the large brick factory building across the street.

Bank of Greene County

Catskill-inspired architecture appropriate to its proposed setting, just outside an historic resort village on the “Mountain Top”. All natural materials were used for the exterior, including fieldstone, cedar shingles, locally milled trim, and recycled Douglas fir for a true hammerbeam timber frame at the main public spaces. The Banking Room is lit by indirect uplight reflected from the basswood ceiling. Other timber details and exposed rafter tails create an authentic look on all side of the building. A handsome, low stone retaining wall that originally existed across half the site has been fully extended as a partial screen to the blacktop and strong visual base for the building.


Craftsman Style Renovation

The owners admire the work of Greene and Greene. A Breakfast Room, Master Bath, Sitting Bay, and a thorough interior reinterpretation throughout the main spaces in the style of the early 20th Century California architects.

Adirondack Great Camp

This was a design-build project by Wallant Associate Steve Janenka.

A humble but beloved family camp that was completely engulfed in new construction, and dismantled from within as the new building emerged. The project became an arts and crafts love affair for those of us working on it, with thousands of board feet of hand-worked timbers, site built steel and timber trusses, and built-ins, trim, and fittings from regional hardwoods

Adirondack Lake Camp

This is another design-build project by Steve Janenka.

The owner of this camp had personally built the original building 20 years earlier. Our work involved adding a greenhouse-bar addition to the lakefront of the existing building, and a two story library and master bedroom “tower” addition, set on timber stilts to capture magnificent views. The “tower” connects back to the main house with a stair bridge. A new garage and glassed-in timber walkway, which shield the driveway from excessive winter winds and snow drifts, form a beautiful entry courtyard.

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