Adirondack Great Camp 1

Adirondack Great Camp

Adirondack Great Camp This was a design-build project by Wallant Associate Steve Janenka. A humble but beloved family camp that was completely engulfed in new construction, and dismantled from within as the new building emerged. The project became an arts and crafts love affair for those of us working on it, with thousands of board […]

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Adirondack Lake Camp 1

Adirondack Lake Camp

ADIRONDACK LAKE CAMP This is another design-build project by Steve Janenka. The owner of this camp had personally built the original building 20 years earlier. Our work involved adding a greenhouse-bar addition to the lakefront of the existing building, and a two story library and master bedroom “tower” addition, set on timber stilts to capture

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Carriage House 3

Carriage House

CARRIAGE HOUSE A complex project with garage entrances on two levels and living areas carefully fitted into hip roofs to maximize the volume for living spaces, without creating the appearance of a massive structure. The main building is set into the natural grades at several levels with stone retaining walls. A later addition is expressed

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Golf Course I 3

Golf Course 1

GOLF COURSE The available frontage was limited but this new home stretches back along a wide gallery to take advantage of the extensive fairway views to the south side. A central breakfast / kitchen “pavilion” and courtyard frames the view. The first floor ceilings are over ten feet in height, allowing for generous transom windows

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Golf Course III 1

Golf Course 2

GOLF COURSE 2 The program was for a large home with generous rooms, but the clients also wanted the scale and charm of a cottage. The ground floor Master Suite and major rooms all walk out onto the golf course to the rear.

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Helderberg Cottage 3

Helderberg Cottage

HELDERBERG COTTAGE A charming cottage tucked into a gladed opening in the forest with trees carefully trimmed to frame the view of the mountains. The site is fully planted with lush, meandering flower beds. All rooms have at least two walls of windows exposure and feature double french casement windows which fully open without a

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Hudson River House 14

Hudson River House

HUDSON RIVER HOUSE The 150 year old Victorian farm house was perfectly sited atop a great lawn, with the view down to the river framed on both sides by woods. All interior and exterior walls were removed along with some unfortunate 1960’s era additions, preserving only the strong, beautifully detailed and original roof of the

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Multi Car Private Garage 3

Multi-Car Garage

MULTI CAR PRIVATE GARAGE A large detached Garage made very much larger with sweeping curves to extend the cedar roof, and is made almost column free by careful insertion of major steel structure. The large roof is broken up by eyebrow oculus dormers and copper vents to disguise the mass, and the three-quarter height stonework

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